Example of achievements :
- Energy Pre-diagnosis, bitumen site in Romania, TOTAL.
- Solar Energy Communication in Togo, West African Development Bank (BOAD).
- Leading Risk Analysis Seminar in Romania, Groupama.
- Leading Energy Efficiency Seminars in Tetuan, Morocco, European Union Development Program.
- Assistance to BIPV project, Real Estate Developer.
- Due Diligence and valuing wind energy projects, Investor.
- Strategic Analysis, OSEO.
- Assessing Solar PV potential of industrial roofs, SNCF.
- Feasibility study for a Ground-Mount PV System, ENGIE.
- Strategic Analysis, CAPEX, OPEX, Business Plan, Search of Investors, GENSUN.
- Due diligence for acquisition, ENI FRANCE.
- Training, Teaching, Conferences, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Graduate Schools and Cities.